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Brantford's Black History

Brantford's Early Black Musicians



The O'Banyon Jubilee Singers were a beloved Brantford choir, formed to show appreciation for Peter Simeon O'Banyon, who donated land for the British Methodist Episcopal Church (B.M.E or S.R. Drake) in Brantford. Choirs of Jubilee Singers were popular in the late 1800's, as they helped raise money for their churches, held events and helped build community.


In 1880, a group of talented Black musicians in Brantford formed a band which they named the [Coloured] Citizen's Band. In the Brantford Expositor (July 30, 1880), an article was published to help advertise that the Citizen's Band was looking for start-up funds. Another article was published in April 1883, this time with the request for funds for new uniforms. The Citizen's Band committee members were James Muncey, John Tanner, Wm. McCroomes and John Curtis.



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