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BIPOC is an acronym for “Black, Indigenous and People of Colour”. This term caters to communities who experience the negative effects of racism and white supremacy. E.g. “We are privileging applications from BIPOC folks,” or “This event is led by BIPOC.”

RACISM - beliefs and/or actions that discriminate against non-white persons on the basis of race, founded by white supremacy. Racism can be enacted intentionally or not.

COLOURISM is “The practice of favouring lighter skin over darker skin. The preference for lighter skin can be seen within any racial or ethnic background” and comes with similarly detrimental effects of racism.

Source: “What is Colorism?” – VeryWell Mind

WHITENESS is a social construct that gives privilege and power to people who appear white and/or uphold white supremist standards (e.g. having lighter skin, straighter hair, speaking Standard English, etc.). Source: “Whiteness” – Calgary Anti-Racism Education

WHITE SUPREMACY is the system through which white people (and whiteness) overwhelmingly control power and material resources. This is done by subjugating and demeaning non-white people and happens in all aspects of society (e.g. education, housing, employment, friendships and relationships, etc.).

Source: “Rethinking White Supremacy: who counts in ‘Whiteworld’” – David Gillborn, 2006

An ACCOMPLICE is someone who takes anti-oppressive action in ways that genuinely support marginalized communities, as opposed to performative allyship or virtue signalling.

PRIVILEGE is unearned advantages given to some social groups and not others, on the bases of race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, religion, etc.

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