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Brantford's Black History

Greenwood Cemetery & Andrew Lucas



Located at 235 Clarence Street, this cemetery is Brantford’s oldest active cemetery. It is the final resting place for many of Brantford’s first Black residents, including Andrew Lucas.  Mr. Lucas was said to have lived to be 120 years of age, though this cannot be confirmed as he did not know his birthdate.

UPDATE: We recently came across a newspaper clipping from 1886, which told us a bit more about Mr. Lucas’ story. He moved to Brantford and was a driver for the express company. It goes on to describe some clues to Lucas’ true age, and how he walked without a cane at what was believed to be 124 years of age!
Here is a snapshot of the clipping:

Did you know that there is a room in Brantford’s Best Western Hotel dedicated to Andrew Lucas? It features a plaque to the right of the door with a drawing of Andrew Lucas’ likeness. 




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